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I agree - 42 is shaped weird. Its western slope resembles Alaska’s.  (Who drew this thing?)

Nevertheless, my path to the 

White House starts here in 42.  

 I plan to be President. Born in Tucson, Arizona, I learned quickly to seek the world beyond my roots, to embrace opportunities afforded me by God. I plan to make north Aurora a destination place for something other than drug dealing. I’m offended by the Democrats’ surrender to drugs, crime and poverty. Incumbent Mandy Lindsay wants voters to accept these things as part of life instead of the enemy of it. I refuse. Examine my plan.   

Imagine New HD42

86k residents

I plan to be your State Assembly Representative in 2023.

House District 42

HD42 - A New Era


Pro Licensing for Movie Making

Imagine all the positives of Hollywood, Bollywood and New York funding our State, without the negatives of 150 years of show biz. It can be done. I’m doing it. How? The money has already been appropriated. The Dems don’t know how to do this.  

Movie editing should start in public schools @ grade 1.  

School: Home & Almost Home

Our money should follow our kids - for parents licensed to teach. 

I hold teaching licenses in 3 States, but I wouldn’t limit my kids to only what I know. Good parents want better lives for our kids. Each generation builds atop the previous.  My policy involves the curriculum of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. They solved our tech gap and Critical Race Theory dilemmas.  

I plan to legislate-in their Shoah Foundation & Edutopia.

Economic Jolts

“Star Wars” and “The Godfather” made San Francisco a financial power. Movie DNA and year-round sporting events will give this part of the State more life than the southern counties. Get ready to prosper. Or move. 

Enforcing, Strengthening Law & Order

Repeal SB-217, add police, fire and EMT jobs with less career time for greater pensions. Enforce panhandling laws. Amend 3-strike felony policy to 5. Add paralegals & prison staff to Judicial Branch.

Redefine, enforce controlled substance laws. 

Expand charity Comitis to five campuses. 

Open up access to housing security deposit trusts.

Make Abortion Obsolete

I call on Science to make an artificial uterus to protect the lives of both mommy and baby. President Kenney willed us to the Moon. I will us to the Womb. Life is more valuable than death.  Read more about this policy in my novel “Justin Time”. 

Message to Drug Dealers:

You are unwelcome here. 

Get your product off our streets and schools.

I hunt you. 

Drug Importers: I tax you en route making you very uncomfortable.

My Life Beyond Politics

My kids and I, 2020. 

I raised my kids, earning my bachelors degree with a double minor, and later two masters degrees in Film Editing & Business Management. 

I have published over 20 books, some fiction, some biographies. Before Covid, I was producing a screenplay for Will Smith. 

My previous works include “He Got Game” for Spike Lee. uncredited. 

3 Pulitzer considerations.


I am the third child of a police officer whom the city of Tucson named a street after in 1998. He made Tucson great.  I’m installing that innovation here. The Badge is Family. 


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