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Creative licensing gives credibility and accountability to infotainment industries and more. Showbiz revenue without Hollywood scum. Watch our classrooms and economy resurrect. This will translate to JOBS.

I watched my childhood city of Tucson transform from the human and drug trafficking capital of the southwest in the 1970s to economic prosperity with televised sports of teams we fell in love with. Lute Olson brought us March Madness - which translated into more money for Tucson than if the Denver Broncos won five Super Bowls in a row. My dad brought the city law and order by conquering drug dealers and brokering a treaty for Tribal leaders to operate casinos (the basis for one of my novels).  I like the idea of bringing the Olympics here.  You need to vote for me if you want these things. The Dems want you Sedated With Less. They want to build more ghetto lifestyle and a socialized economy like George Lucas’ THX 1138!  


I’m a Dad. I’m also a teacher. I’m for Money Following The Students, AND I’m for overhauling the entire public school system, adding media making curriculum used by teachers’ colleges. We need a 21st upgrade from the 19th century. The Dems are too lazy to undergo the learning curve. Even if they wanted to change, they don’t know how.

Before I share about me, I want to APOLOGIZE to you, HD42. We’re the most educated District per capita in the State. Our District is mostly made up of non-American born educated citizens who love this country. We as Republicans have been silent for too long. I should have been here in 2020 and I apologize for being late to politics. I’m here now and I love you.  

“I’m not here for your endorsement, 

I’ve come to lead you.” 

John 13:1-17

- Cory Parella  

Presidency 2028 - 2032

About Me

35 years in showbiz

I produced, wrote or acted in these and more

My John McCain Story:

The late Presidential Candidate was my local senator, while growing up in Tucson. When I was in my twenties, a high school classmates was murdered on a college trip to Romania. The Romanians refused to send her body back to the States for the funeral. Only John McCain stepped up and made it happen. Her funeral happened to be held in a protestant church. (I was raised Catholic, among Italians.) Her funeral was the first time I ever walked into a protestant church and people were nice to me. That resulted in me returning and becoming baptized as an adult on April 19, 1998. One might say John McCain indirectly led me to Christ.  

My Dad was a narc cop. Tucson named a street after him in 1998. My Mom’s love of Mel Brooks became my sense of humor.

My kids live with their Mom. I raised my 3 kids spanning ten years of diapers. After a nontraditional bachelors degree from the Pac 12, I taught for 6 years, licensed by my Graduate film school degree where I majored in editing and previously planned to work on Star Wars 9 and make Muppet movies. When I was young, I imagined starring on Saturday Night Live and any Muppet movie. I have since outgrown SNL. The Lord guided me to politics Here. I became licensed to teach media, my license one of the few issued by the State for expert media. 

I authored novels intended to be films, including Justin Time and a dozen others (Amazon/B&N). A masters in Business Management (UNLV) taught me how to write Policy - Court and legislative bills. The only difference between fiction and law is the enforceability of our courts. For example, I will end the PRO LIFE debacle by declaring that we shall fund Science to make an artificial uterus to protect the lives of Mommy and Baby, just as President Kennedy dared us to go to the Moon, and Dick Tracy showed us Apple Watches 90 years ago. This will render the HD42 Dem’s post-birth abortion law passed in 2022 obsolete and irrelevent.  

As a kid I was a 2-time Judo State Champion, AZ 1987-88.  I grew up around bullies. So when I hear the HD42 Dems declaring hate in the name of civil rights, I know what we are facing. We’re smarter than them. We will not accept a ceasefire from drug dealers after they kill our kids and let them continue to traffic drugs in our city under the guise of homeless camps and shopping cart drug retailers. That ends now! The manipulative senior Senators who govern the HD42 Dems are divisive, racist narcissists whose job it is to tell you your limits for opportunity. They give orders to two ladies who are little more than mouthpieces, to follow a script they write as they see fit

They have spent more than 50 years in Aurora making this place into a sewer! 

Last summer, they ignored the Aurora Ethiopians who asked for help. Dominique Jackson ignored them! My campaign stood with them at the Aurora Towne Center freedom rally. I made a video of this that got the Biden Administration’s attention enough to fix the immediate danger. The HD42 Dems could not be bothered

One Aurora Ethiopian leader told me, “If you think that because I’m black and you’re black that I am just going to vote for you, I have news for you. The Dems turned their backs on us. Only the GOP helped us.”  My Storytella’s blog video of this can be found on YouTube

In 2022, I finished work in a Masters of Psychology Substance Abuse Rehab program by Arizona State, for State licensing and I finished 6 Graduate credits at Arizona State Mary Fulton Teachers College where they are using George Lucas’ Edutopia to develop new teaching tools.  I also endorse Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation to solve the debate confusion of Critical Race Theory

My calling is This. 

I believe our Lord Jesus Christ has called me to be President of the United States in ten years.

I hold teaching licenses in AZ, CO, and NV.



Vote for Cory Parella for HD42 on the JUNE ballot and again in November.

Take back our city from the drug dealers the Dems surrendered to long ago.